Studying FEAR

Spend a couple minutes listening to me and you will quickly learn that I have become a devoutly Spiritual man with a strong Faith in an ‘unseen’ God.

I also often share that “I have been studying Consciousness”, and that it was through that understanding,  where I found God.

Today, I realized that was not entirely True.  The message and brand that was brought to me on this journey should have been the first clue: Live Without Fear™

Duh…. lol!

Recently, I was not actually studying “light” or God, but I had actually been studying FEAR, instead.

False Evidence Appearing Real, Fear, what it does to us, where it comes from, those who overcame it and what they said have been my primary areas of interest. I was always such a Fearful but obedient child that I had become the same way as a young Man.

I have learned much along my way, and I am quite proud of what I have since over(be)come.

It’s kind of funny actually. It clearly appears that by evolutionary design, we often create our own blindness and deafness in efforts to “keep us safe.” We desire comfort and safety, so we are afraid to look or to venture too far into the unknown. There are solutions in place for that problem called “time” which creates “change”. Change is inevitable yet we cling to whatever we already know so tightly.

Truth applies to many levels, so consider how this defensive reaction works with our minds just as it does for our bodies (cognitive dissonance?).

Personally, I shined my own light of consciousness into the darkness of ‘what I did not know.’ What I clearly discovered, is that God is easily found in the unseen which is right in front of our eyes.

I read something similar to this the other day: “I searched everywhere for God and gave up, so I started searching inside to try and find my own strength instead. Instead of finding only myself inside, that was where I also found God.”

Those words were certainly True for me as I was provided ample opportunities to look inside for my own courage and strength along the way.  From experience, I will share that the rewards are well worth the efforts of facing your own Fears inside, but it only starts by a choice.

It has been over a year since I recognized some of my own rewards, but my external conditions have not caught up to what is not seen.  May your own journey be even more comfortable than mine.

Namaste and God bless~

Jack Talcott
Live Without Fear ™

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