How would you know…?

How would you know if you became “a Christ”?

This is the question I am struggling with today.  I set that big goal for myself, but I finally decided that it is not up to me, it is up to you.

I was serious when I said that I wanted to learn how to become “Jack’s best version of a Christ” and I even shared that with a friend or two.  I was already a pretty decent guy, and I thought “Why not?” The only harm is in Not trying to become a better man.  

First I considered what those words really meant to me.  I had been exposed to a lot of self study of various religions as a kid (it’s been a bizarre life since the beginning), but the people who went to church in my life were all Christian.  The Bible and Jesus were my primary influence.  

It was the Christians themselves though, who turned me away from their church.  I hadn’t met a Christ among them, and I never attended a service again after my choices as a kid.  I didn’t worry too much about what he supposedly said, I believed in what he could do… except the miracles, but there was a lot of the Bible that didn’t make sense, so whatever.  I knew that it came down to the example that he had set.

Christ’s example was a man of Truth, Wisdom, Love, Compassion, Faith, Strength, Courage, Service, etc.  He lived in the fearless service of mankind, and knew that his place was to change the world. 
*Before I even learned the different names of economies, I knew that Jesus was no capitalist, he believed in sharing. 
He was a revolutionary against tyranny and oppression. I’m a labor guy and I believe in the same things. (Long live the IWW!) 

He also “knew God” however, which I obviously didn’t.  I had already learned through my many mistakes, and have lived a life of a sinner for sure.  I accepted that I might remain imperfect, and while it is my goal, it is not an expectation I make on myself.  I only keep the expectation of always trying, improving and learning from my mistakes. It is simple, but it does take work and effort. The other part I accepted is that if you can “know God”, then you can know ALL, so I chose to recognize and embrace my own ignorance.  I’m simply a man.

I turned off entertainment and started focusing my time and energy studying Consciousness, Life, us, and our human existence.  I studied neurosciences, psychology, sociology, success and recovery, history and science, religions and spirituality; anything I could find.  Most of all though, I went deep within.

I’m 46 years old and feel better today physically, mentally or spiritually than I have ever felt in my life.  Tears of joy are regular occurrences in my days and on the inside, it is a personal nirvana for me. I had no idea that being a human being could feel so good!  I have no miracles to point to other than my own weight loss and recovery, but then again, no one else has tried to listen. I don’t remember miracles being performed for himself.  But even if I don’t ever see miracles, I know of others who have. My path is not his, it is mine.

I feel blessed, and I claim to have achieved my goal. 

Since no one has believed me when I say that I did it, I will instead, challenge each of you to try.  I see a lot of folks around me who are close examples but haven’t realized it yet nor what could be done with our world when they do.

Instead of the “Christian values” which taught us separation and judgement, division and control; the values which supported Monarchs, Empires, and then the Nationalist Governments which replaced them and the resulting borders and divisions that they created; instead of the values which supported the Capitalist slavery of fellow citizens of our nation, first by law and now by wage…What if we changed them?

These are the “values” that we know our constitution was influenced by, and as citizens we should accept that fact.  Accepting our past means an opportunity to change the future provided that we use what we have learned. So what if we changed the values of our Nation to those we know as belonging to The Christ instead? 

What if value meant service and not profit or money? 
What if we had a Nation of Christ’s, or Buddha’s, or Yogi’s or Prophet’s?  They shared the same messages, and there are plenty of examples to emulate.
What would it feel like for you to have that much courage, strength, compassion, love and faith? 
What could stop you from changing the world if you felt that way? 
What if we all set that goal to become the Best Version of Ourselves?
What if you convinced your friends to try? 
Who would we fight?  
Who would be controlled?
What would that feel like to you, and what would you do to change our world?

What if you became your own best version of “a Christ”? 
How would you know if you achieved it?

Please let me know what you come up with as well as any tips you are willing to share.  I still struggle with yelling at good people who choose not to believe me. But because they don’t believe me, they won’t help me change the world, and I have not been able to try to help them.  It has been frustrating, but I am always learning and improving. I’m getting better every day.

Let me know what you find out for yourself!  I’m excited to learn what others can achieve for us all as well!

Namaste and God bless us all!  Let’s change this world forever!

Live WIthout Fear™ 

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