What is this about?

Who is Jack Talcott, why does this page exist, and furthermore, why am I reading this?

My name is Jack Talcott.  I am a Life Coach of sorts.  If you are here, our paths have crossed somehow, and you have shown yourself to be at least slightly curious.  Curiosity and skeptisism are the first steps towards faith; they both indicate an open mind.

I can help people to find, and then present to the world their best version of themselves; I can help people to become their best version of the example set by Christ.  I also think it relates to the best version of Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., etc. Our world needs as many best versions of ourselves as possible.

Personally, I consider myself to be a miracle who is walking, but I know my lessons and you have free will of choice to form your own opinions whether or not you choose to listen to my story.

My story of recovery starts in the rooms of AA.  I often thought that there were plenty of other people I knew who could also benefit from learning these lessons.  After experiencing my own “spiritual awakening”, and being a man of logic and reason, and not entirely faith, I then set out to learn what happened, and how I can help others.

I have learned/taught myself how to achieve Christ like consciousness of my awareness.  In other words, I have learned how to have near complete control of my thoughts, choices and actions, by maintaining a near constant meditative state.  This new perspective brings me a newfound understanding of the principles being taught in the rooms of recovery.

The external result from my new control of thought and action, is that it soon becomes very easy to forgive others, and to treat everyone with the kindness and compassion like we all have been taught.

I can help those willing to listen, to become their own version of Christ, or Buddha, or whatever other peaceful examples it is that they look up to.

It all starts with a willingness within yourself to change, and a willingness to place trust in yourself, in God, and with another.

Life is quite simple when the rules are understood.  It is always easier to accomplish a task when you know what the end goal is supposed to be.  These are lessons that I learned early, and I have found some simple ways that helped me to learn control of my thoughts.

Do Yourself a Favor

The step that every successful person has taken was to first make a decision to change and to move forward.

If you don’t know where to go, then you might not know where you are.  This is where I come in.

Once you make a decision to invest in yourself, even if it is only time to speak with me, I will help you figure out which direction you might want to go.

From there, we can also identify a step you can take to move you forward in the direction of the life that YOU would love to live, and if we are a good fit, we can discuss what it would look like as you moved forward with me as your support.

Next Steps…

Contact us today to discuss scheduling a program. We are excited for an opportunity to work with you in creating happiness as you learn to LIVE Without FEAR!