Happy Anniversary, etc

Day 2 of 2020, and it’s my 21st Anniversary at USPS (although longer than that once they accepted my money in order to consider my Active Duty time as well).

Does that mean that I am now ‘legally allowed to drink while at work’?

Hmmm, I gave that up in 2016, and yet they still won’t let me in the building nor even have a telephone conversation with me today, so the threat of “drinking” does not explain it.
[Wait. What?? Keep Going.]

After a comedy of catastrophes in the last couple years, 2019 went down almost as bizarrely as it started.  No homeless addicts or their pets (albeit still some of their stuff) under my roof this New Year at least.
In March 2019, I was fired from USPS (unjustly) and then later restored, but still spent the year denied employment and income; just over $6k for the year according to the last pay stub we received.

Two weeks ago yesterday, that’s right- a week before Christmas, a USPS manager named Paul, placed me back into a non-pay status once again.
He is hiding behind a rule and relying upon the opinion of a stranger, yet chose to terminate my source of income a week before Christmas Day.
[What?? Yup.
And this is also after I had bragged about my ‘acceptance that I had acquired enough opportunities and evidence, to self-claim a nickname’ of an example of “a Christ.”
If this is new news to you, you haven’t been paying attention to me. No worries, follow along, and we’ll come back to that another day.]

This news of my “income-execution” once again, was delivered well after I had been insulted and threatened by a different USPS manager and Postal Inspector on Halloween Day; this incident happened after my Termination had been Unilaterally Rescinded, but before any pay had ever been received.
The harassment and insults received on Halloween were in response to my unscheduled visit, and personal request for help.
[Wait…What?? Hold on, it keeps going.]

November brought in Dr. McClung, a Forensic Psychiatrist from Seattle. He was the “professional” hired by Paul S. to determine if I am “Fit for Duty” at USPS.

He met me for a couple of hours after I was in guarded solitary confinement waiting for his happy ass to fly in. Not his fault he was late, but it was his fault he ALSO refused to allow me escort to my car in order to retrieve my purified water as I had requested.

According to Dr. McClung over 5 weeks later:
Continued security measures like those already in place, for face-to-face meetings with the employee in the future.
[USPS has security measures already in place for their defense from Jack Talcott? And they need to continue? Wait..What??]

And my favorite (with emphasis added to closer examine the humor) “In my PROFESSIONAL Opinion, NO accommodation will allow for a return to work at this time.
[He witnessed the mistreatment of a good man, CHOSE to do nothing, then was compensated to JUDGE my character on top of this? What??]

… Well, this HAS become my life.
It has been interesting, to say the least. I have spent the last two years trying to change the world, and yet here I sit broke and alone.

Today, I left messages for journalists, USPS Managers, and National Officers with APWU, my still absent Union.
I have been continuing my attempts to share some solutions of reform with any elected officials willing to listen. Most recently, my efforts have mostly been to try to reach Bernie Sanders.
Admittedly, I even tried Rep Matt Shea last month as well; while his office didn’t provide much help in the end (no different than most places I have turned), they treated me with plenty of kindness, respect and dignity, unlike USPS.
And, while I am still simply trying get back to work, I am also still trying to help make USPS a better place to work and visit as well.

I really don’t understand what is going on, simply because many people still seem to Fear me.
Fearless and Passionate do not mean Dangerous, but most people just don’t try to know what they see.

[Psssst ….Another (not very) secret: Live Without Fear™ is my message and brand.]

I help people become better people so that together we can change the world.
[Better people become better leaders.]
Those who follow my path are those who choose to Lead.
Those who join my journey or share my destinations are those who choose to witness the views for themselves.

Have a Happy New Year / Anniversary / Decade / Birthday / Thursday!!!

Namaste, and God bless!
May 2020 bring us clear vision of a future of Peace!!

Live Without Fear™

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