Who I am

This is my story. My own life journey has brought me to a wonderful place in my life. I am writing it to share with the hope that my story and my lessons can benefit other people.

The answers for my happiness were all inside of me, just as I expect that your answers for your happiness are also inside of you.

I have led a journey like many others, but then I had an experience like only a few. Because of that experience, I have found an incredible happiness and joy that I don’t recall ever having.

As a result of the lessons I have learned in my own journey through life, I have confidence and faith that I will find a way to inspire others to reach a feeling that is similar to my own.

What this site is for

With the discoveries that I have made within myself, I have a message of peace, love, and fulfillment.

My message and method are to live without the fears from the mind, so that we can live a life of love from the heart.  Doing so, leads to more fulfillment, by bringing joy, and peace, plus confidence and determination and therefore, success.

As more people understand how to join me in living this way, I believe that we will find that we live in Heaven on Earth.

As I continue my own development, I will share my thoughts and understandings of life, love and peace in my blogs.

In the meantime, I am excited to be available for private coaching so that you can have support finding joy in your days and peace in your heart as well!

(Update as of 12/21/2018, I have agreed to begin to dissolve my LLC, so will no longer be considered a licensed business)

Live Without Fear!  Search for Your Truth! Namaste, and God Bless!!

About Jack Talcott

Who I Was

I was a good man, who tried to do his best…..At least, that’s what I always told myself.

I was so unhappy, I spent close to a decade first in the bottom of beer and later, vodka and whiskey bottles.

What Happened?

My journey really began in 2016. I checked myself into detox and found strength for sobriety in the rooms of AA; but I still wasn’t happy.

Later, I was blessed to have experienced such a powerful experience like is described as a “spiritual awakening” on page 27 of the AA Big Book.

This has led me to a newfound perspective and purpose for life.

What it’s like Now

After making a choice to make a change, I have been on, and am continuing my path of self development.

I have lost over 55 pounds  (45 pounds after focusing on building mass) in only 4 months; I physically feel better than I have in my life.

Most importantly, while I don’t claim to understand life, I do believe that I understand how we are supposed to live….

We are supposed to be living a life worth living!  One with purpose, fulfillment, contribution, growth and achievement!

I have learned how to do just that.  I have been studying those that have been studying success, and my path and purpose includes sharing what I have learned with others!

I bring a very spiritual message with the steps for success.  I consider myself a student of Buddha, but I am not a Buddhist; I believe that we should follow the example set by Christ, but I am not a Christian.

My path has led me to educations in neurosciences.  My fascination is with psychology, and particularly the discoveries of Jung, and the breakthroughs in NLP.

It is my belief that through these breakthroughs, current psychology also explains the same messages as spirituality.

My study of neurosciences has also led me to educations in meditation, yoga, breath-works, and other tips for overcoming past fears that hold us back, as well as learning to live a grounded life in the present.

Meet Jack Talcott


Jack Talcott

I’m here for you!


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Jack training with Andrew Ferebee and Brodie Whitney

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