Still Waiting for Miracles

I am sitting here today, admittedly confused.  I know for a fact of how powerful and blessed we all are, yet I sit here today without an example for me to try to point at for you to see.  I have been counting on a Christmas Miracle, with perfect plans laid out to help bring in a beautiful new world using the old corruption of lottery winnings to fund the changes.  I have just been waiting for divine intervention, or even a glimmer of support.

I didn’t win the lottery, and no one from my past even acknowledged my existence on Christmas Day, so I am still left without evidence to point to and prove that what I know has value.

I suppose the simple gift that I was blessed with is my gift of knowing.  I have no idea nor divine guidance for my future, but I know without a doubt of why I am here.  For you see, we are all here for the same purpose, and I also know that eventually, someone will listen.  I know that in my future I won’t feel so alone, because I’m sure the truths will come out as they always do, and all will be forgiven.

Maybe that’s what I am supposed to write about today.  Forgiveness is key, we have fought long enough. The peace that Jesus spoke about and that is possible, is available right now.

What Jesus tried to teach us, is the true powers we all have within.  We are infinite beings like Gods who create our own realities. I have nothing I can point to in my life besides my story to currently prove it, but it is the only version of truths that truly makes sense.

There are others who have known this, and kept us confused.  The story of evil goes on longer than I am sure that any of us know, but that truth of history is also starting to show.

We live in a world that has us living in a state of sub-consciousness and confusion.  It has us believing there are only limited ways to solve problems, and that we aren’t good enough or capable of doing the right things.  

The most unfortunate truths as I can see it, is that we have deceived ourselves into not knowing our true powers of goodness like Christ.  We have become confused in a society that worships a false idol called Money. We have allowed ourselves to build a world full of fear and evil.

We commit all kinds of evils in the pursuit of money, not only now but for long through our past.  We have lied to each other for generations just to get more of it. We created governments and banking systems of lies in order to keep illusions of power programmed into our heads.  In pursuit of money, we have lied to each other about environmental harms, truths in nutrition, and hidden technologies in science from each other.

Then, I just watched a news clip on Christmas Day yesterday, talking about the many middle class government workers being furloughed without pay at the most expensive and stressful time of year.  This is being done with cheers of support so that we can spend money to build a wall to keep other human beings from feeling safety or compassion.

I’m sorry, but denying my brothers and sisters, who are also creations by the same God, shelter or safe passage does not sound to me like who the United States was intended to be.  

We have proclaimed to be a Nation Under God, yet we want to build walls to deny our brothers and sisters and their children.  We have been taking men and women from their children, locking them up for profits in prisons for stupid reasons like crossing an imaginary border or carrying some pot.  

We have men and women in our own country sleeping in streets,  and going hungry each day while buildings are vacant and our landfills of waste are overflowing.  There is so much confusion in our world that individual people turn to violence out of fear for survival, sometimes from anger of injustice or despair for their future.  We have addictions to substances, partly because of the lies we tell about our health, but also because of loneliness and hopelessness. We then go to our places of worship (although there’s many like I used to be, who have even given up on that), yet don’t look at the results of the actions that we take on a day to day basis.  This world currently makes no sense.

What the hell are we doing to each other?!?!?!?!  We have all gone mad, and the insanity must stop!!  

All of this is an unnecessary delusion.  We have created illusions within this illusion.  The story though is divine and brilliantly perfect.  The truth is what made me to see. God is eternal, and so is the truth.  Individually, some have started to show us, and as a result eventually the collective will also see.  Once we recognize how intertwined we all are and we start working together as a species, we can evolve.  It is simple science, nature, and divine creation.

We can eliminate hunger, disease, poverty, despair, unworthiness, crime, addiction, and wars if we choose to do what is right, and what is within us.

We simply need to stop creating reasons to fear one another by showing compassion, forgive for our past deceptions, and start worshipping the true Creations of God.  The easiest place to start is at your dinner table. I think a big part of the current deception is the way we treat animals.

Stop eating death at your meals, and you will start to feel better about yourselves right away.  We are all created in the likeness of our God. Do you believe God intended for his creations to be raised cruelly, for the sole purpose of murder?

The saddest thing is that we were told of the truths so long ago, and all of this could have been avoided.  In the history of time that Jesus would have walked however, we couldn’t have understood about subconscious or reincarnation and the true ideas of everlasting souls; we were obviously confused as a collective back then as well.

We are truly blessed to be alive at this time.  I believe the time that was foretold is finally arriving.  Collectively, the truths are being shared, and people are starting to wake up and see through the lies and deceptions, I know that I have.  Because of the works from others, I got a clear understanding of the truth. If it’s available to me, then it is available to anyone.

Knowing the truth makes it simple.  Convincing the mind to accept that it’s simple can take work.  The first step though, is learning the truth. Once I was able to accept how simple it is, I can see no other option, but to live the rest of myself in service of others, as God intended us to do.  Any other options would be simply foolishness.

I know for a fact that we can manifest our own reality, I have heard too many stories, and seen my own blessings to not believe it, but up until now, I still have no evidence to show.  I sit here today without the feeling of love and support from others. My own son, friends, family and Union have mostly cut me off from communication, and I have not yet found the special women for my life.  My accounts are overdrawn, my bills overdue, and I have found no physical blessings to point to.

However, I also sit here today, blessed with an understanding and a knowing of who I am, what my reason for being is, and a faith like I had never known was possible.  I have come to accept that I am either blessed or dead. While I don’t know what has happened to the people from my past, the few people I currently get to see or to speak to tell me that I am not dead.

I know that everything is divine, with purpose, and happens for a reason.  Right now, the action I am taking towards achieving my goals is to keep letting my words flow.  They aren’t my words afterall, they are just the results of billions of years of affects and conditions.  I am eternal, as are you. The goals that I am currently pursuing is world peace, and I think when you stop and listen you will agree and you will decide that you have no choice but to help.

There’s another description I love- our past is but an illusion, it no longer exists, but the steps we take today will echo throughout the histories of tomorrow.  I am counting on thunders of echoing footsteps as we march towards changing the future.

I know for a fact that we create our own realities.  This is supported through the advances in science, psychology, and through the truths of religions.  I have not yet manifested any blessings of my own. I also don’t understand how it completely works that’s for sure, but I don’t need to, collectively, we are but one mind, and as long as someone does that’s all it takes.

I know that together, we can all serve our true purpose which is nothing more than God’s work.

It starts by learning the truths of who you are.

Live Without Fear!  Search for your Truths!

Namaste, and God Bless~

Jack Talcott

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