Merry Christmas to us All!!

Merry Christmas to All!!!

May this day bring in a new world for us all, and a recognition of the capacity to be like Christ that is within every single one of us!  

Congratulations as well to you if you are reading this, you get to be a part of the change.

I know how crazy some of my words must sound…”leading us to the promised land”, and understanding Jesus.  Good grief, I understand. But once you learn what I have learned, you will have a better way of understanding what I have seen.  The simple truth is that there are options for a promise land available for all of us right now, if we would just choose to see, and choose to change as a group.

We have become confused, and it’s no fault of our own, it’s quite brilliant when you see.  But the time has come for us to quit lying to each other, and start making better choices. The biggest lie you ever heard, you probably told yourself.  If you ever heard that “you can’t” or that “you aren’t good enough” when it comes to making a difference or doing the right thing, those are lies. You can, and we must, and that seems to be why we are all here. 

First of all you ARE good enough, and then simply see that we are here to tend to God’s gifts and creations, not to kill and consume them or have them go to waste in our trash piles.  We have become blind to what we are doing, and it is time to start paying attention.  We have been lying to each other for far too long.

Far too often, I hear reasons why it can’t change, or won’t work.  You are right when you say that it can’t, but I know for a fact when I say that it can change, and that it will work.  I even think that it will be easy.

When we stop and listen to each other, and if we work together, then I know that how things “are” can change, and the time is now.  I know that I will spend the rest of my life trying to get it to make sense for once, and once you see too, I think that you will agree as well..

I think somehow, I was blessed to be like Jesus as a collector of truth and a messenger of hope in my own way already.

I was blessed with a unique story to tell, that is for sure.  I think I was also blessed to be a gatherer of knowledge of groups working to improve the world in order to be a messenger to help advertise and to bring the awareness of others who know, as my own way to raise our social and collective consciousness.  

There are apparently plenty who have been doing their part already, and it’s time for their work to be seen (some of these I only learned of recently, but I have learned to trust the signs).

There are plenty of us who want things to change, but aren’t sure how.  Thankfully, there are more and more groups already working towards doing so.  I know that all of us do want to change, but aren’t even aware that other options are available, or the affects of many of our choices.  

I think that my life changed initially because of simply paying attention to my behaviors and then my thoughts and started questioning the reasons for both.  I also started listening to the crazy stories that people were telling. I kept my mind open, but did my own investigation, and used my own discernment. Recognizing how much we cannot possibly know, is a better understanding of God as well.  We know so little, that is why we make so many mistakes, but that is part of the gift God gives as well..

Before I started my journey, I had no idea how much evil was truly out there.  Thankfully, there a people who have been paying attention to different things for us, and the truth cannot hide forever.  The other good news, is that it doesn’t matter what was, any longer. When we see that there are other options available, there is no choice but the right one.  Together we can focus towards a better tomorrow, and provide hope for our next time here.  There’s a lot of truth gathered right here together for all who choose to see.  It’s always been there, but we chose not to see it with eyes that could not see.

I suppose it is possible that some of you get upset or your minds blown by some of the things you might see.  My life prepared me for this, so I assume that yours did as well, otherwise, just enjoy your experience, that’s the only option really anyway.  Remember, that life is the true blessing after all. It is ours to create, to share, and to receive.

Please check out some of these amazing sources and groups that need to be known about.  There are many many others who are sharing the truths of hope, positive energy and love.  There are many ways to discover the infinite love that is God within you.  Use your own judgement, and listen to your inner self for what sounds true.  That is the secret to inner peace, is learning to trust the Christness that is inside of us, our inner selves will lead us to the truths. 

Until I figure out how to share the links through youtube, I am linking the websites of people who have shared truths of God and ourselves that helped explain things to me mostly through their video contributions (even though admittedly, I haven’t explored their sites very much).

Regardless what you choose to believe, what we have is not working and it is time for us to choose to change.  Look and listen to some of what I have seen, then judge for yourself if you choose to listen.

Live Without Fear!  Search for Your Truth!  Help raise the awareness of hope for others as well.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!  God Bless us All! This is a great time to be alive, and I know we will all do our part!!

Courtesy of The Moorish Great Seal Law Institute – Lawgiver Association (added 01/05/19)




(Martijn is who I listened to when I started my own personal journey)

And of course,


Take a look and listen and see for yourself.  I have found them to be truthful and promising.

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