It is Time for Peace


I sit here today still without a miracle in my life to point to.  I have still not received support from others, especially have not received windfalls of financial supports that I thought would have been there.

But I sit here today with an absolute knowing of the light that is within me, and since it is within me, it is also within you.

That is the message trying to be shared to us by Jesus, I believe.  For when we see that we are all the same, and we are all from the same, and for the same, there can be no judgement of others.  There can be no hope for pain on another. The answers are all inside of each of us. The choices are simple, and we must start to make them.

There is greatness inside of you, and when you stop to think about the truth then you will see it too.  You can accomplish anything! You are good enough! You are strong enough, because you are a shining fraction of light of that which created us.  We all have the ability to act like Christ, but we are nothing more than the results of the effects and conditions that brought us to where we are.  When you challenge your thoughts and your beliefs, you will see that it is true.

Once you can see the good inside of yourself you will see the good of others as well.  I wrote the other day that the biggest lies you ever heard, you told yourself. When you said that you aren’t good enough, or weren’t important enough, those are lies.  The other lie told, is when you judged another, believing yourself to be better or worse than they, and their results of affects and conditions.

The gift we have been given is life itself.  It is meant to be received, and shared and enjoyed by everyone.

There were others in our past who also knew that we live in an illusion, and how it worked somehow.  We have been convinced we were not good enough for far too long.

I was so confused of my value, I poisoned myself with alcohol daily for decades.  With focus, diligence, and awareness, I now know the truth.

Every single person alive, is no different than you or me.  We all love the same, hunger the same, feel the same internal needs for safety and comfort for ourselves and those around us.

Every single one of us to include our planet, is no more than the results of their past, and their conditioning.  We are all the same, and we need to start recognizing the gifts of God that have been given upon us.

We all have the capacity for the greatest of good.  Our past has already demonstrated our capacities for Evil, so let’s collectively agree for different choices for our future..

I believe that if we wake up to the truths of who we are, and listen to the teachings we received so many times before, we could truly build Heaven on Earth today, for the entire human species.

Imagine a world that we truly worshipped God’s gifts; each other, and everything that has been given.  Imagine a world (that can exist today) with no hunger, dehydration, disease, crime or addiction. We could use our sciences and understandings of technology to help repair some of our damages, and to try to help heal Mother Earth if we can just collectively agree to listen to the teachings from those who came before us, and agree to change.

Our creator is so infinite and vast, we could spend eternities working together to explore it.  I know that we already have. Since we are all God’s in our own way, and creating these experiences, without disease, we might even be able to evolve our bodies into new ways of being.  God has given us so many things that remain unseen, in order to find and to learn about them in this experience.

We are fools not to help each other more while we are here.  We have created illusions of lies upon illusions of more lies unnecessarily, creating despair and pain.

The keys to making better choices it to use your eyes that do not see.  We need to wake up to the truths that are all around us. We need to wake up to the choices that we are making.  We need to wake up to the power that is within each of us all. And most of all, we need to wake up to the truth about the Evil that exists within the worship of a false idol, like money.

We have convinced ourselves that it requires money to live.  This is foolishness. God has provided us everything that we need.  We need the resources of our planet, and communities of each other. We just look to nature to see.  Organisms do not survive when they fight within each other. We can thrive when we learn to coexist with each other.

The key to making your choices is by using mindfulness and awareness.  Increasing your consciousness starts with making conscious thoughts Start making your own choices, start looking inside for truths.  Open your eyes, and the information is there to see.

The time for change is now.  The path to change the world starts inside of you.

Collectively, we are but one mind.  Thankfully, there are some of us out there who have already been thinking about our future like at The Venus Project, and Thrive .

I haven’t met the people involved there, yet.  However, I think it’s time a lot more of us started discussing and finding out about groups like this.

Knowledge leads to truth, and the truth will set you free.  The greatest philosophers, ascended masters, and true spiritual teachers have all told us the same things.

We live in an age where information can be shared.  As we increase our own knowledge, using what has been created by our collective, we gain a greater understanding.  Increasing our awareness and discovering new things is part of the gifts of this existence.

If a broken man like myself (less than 3 years from my severe drinking condition) can find answers and salvation, then there is hope for everyone.

I know that my crazy story will be heard.  At least it has already been told in my own head.  I accept and understand what I know to be true, and the truth is available for everyone to see.  

Regardless of how we got here, I think at least 90% of us can agree that what we have currently created doesn’t work!  It is time for us to collectively change.

The key is to Live Without Fear!  Truth and hope eliminate fear! Search for your truth, and spread your hope.

Namaste, and God Bless

~Jack Talcott

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