Merry Christmas!! Special Greetings and Thanks to the Men and Women of USPS!!

I want to wish a very special Merry Christmas to all of my brothers and sisters of humanity, but especially to those who work at the United States Postal Service.  You all work hard, and it can be especially tough this time of year. This time of year is stressful for our general population, but I know how stressful it can be especially for you.  I say you, because even in my normal bid at USPS, I am in BMEU, so it’s not rough at Christmas time at all; privileges I enjoy from seniority and being in the Clerk Craft.

I know how many hours some of you are working both in order to ensure that everyone’s gifts and packages make it through, but also to pad the paycheck with the extra available overtime for your families.  The holidays can get expensive; plus, you’re trying to figure out how to get your own shopping done after long days of sorting through mountains of packages, or serving customers confused why the lines are long at Christmas time (???), or walking and driving through cold and snow.  You are trying to figure out how to take care of your own families when you are tired and exhausted from long hours at work. Some of my Union brothers and sisters are doing all of that on top of trying to keep track of and address the many contract violations as they come up. They are trying to navigate management and represent the workers through the problems that come with weather delays and high volumes, and new employees as well.  

And, we do it all in spite of some of the horrible decisions we see being made behind the scenes.  Not only from poorly addressed or prepared packages and obvious gifts, but also from some of the short-sighted budgeting decisions we see made at the wrong time of year.  We see our labor contracts thrown out the window right in front of us, but we welcome the help from everyone available in order to make sure the packages and items make it to our customers in time.  

I’m sure the other delivery companies have their own stories to tell, but my heart is still with my Union, and with my roots which are at USPS.

My thoughts were with USPS for only a short time today though, even after my year long fight for an opportunity to try and help the darned place, and during what admittedly is the busiest time of year for my coworkers and my employer.  And I can only begin to imagine how crazy this statement sounds coming from Jack Talcott (although not really, if you stop and think about it), especially for anyone who used to know me and my views of the religious fools- My thoughts lately are only of God, and on how to help make a difference for humanity.

While I have no clue what the rest of the people who used to be in my world have been up to, and only a few of who I have seen recently have listened to what I have to say, I know the journey that I have been on, and it is like no other I have heard.  I have been sitting and thinking, and the thought occurred to me. If people would just stop to listen to me, I could lead us into the promised land. We have the technologies and science available right now that if we just changed the way we collectively looked at things, we could eliminate hunger, addiction, poverty, sickness, dis-ease, war, etc, around the world.

I have yet to see my miracles manifest, but I believe that I understand exactly what Jesus was saying.  I have been blessed with an education like few others (increasing my awareness of all things), and have been using mindfulness practices to take control of my thoughts.  Now most of my time is spent in consideration and thought of that which created us (for simplicity sake, I often just use God), and in a state of love and bliss. Admittedly, having very limited human interaction since uncovering this level of awareness, I have not yet been tested too greatly.  I am sure that I will be given my opportunities to test my level for compassion and love in my future; life is nothing more than opportunities to grow.

I am also sure that I will learn to better explain it.  It’s actually pretty simple, once you understand. But that is part of the divine complexity of this existence- everything is both simple yet complex, and also,  everything is easy once you accept that it can be, but that’s taking us off topic. The discoveries in both history and science today, are answering some very complex questions which show the collective ignorances of our existence.  Most of these discoveries are but blips if at all shown in our mainstream media. We are learning a lot, but we are in an ever expanding universe, and have only started to dip into trying to explain and explore things. Plus we could learn a lot more if we would just stop lying to each other, and find ways to get along.

Early in my journey I saw that psychology and science were explaining through science and reason, what little I understood of Buddhism or Hinduism, but also what I understood of the Bible- they were teaching the benefits of mindfulness.  I now know it to be true, that mindfulness is next to Godliness. To know the greatness of God, is to know oneself. To know the greatness of oneself, you must go within- the great philosophers and ascended masters have been telling us this throughout time.

We have been confused.  Partly by the overwhelming complexity of perfection that is an example of our creator, and which has allowed us have this current existence- the possibilities are endless.  But we are also confused by the reality in which we have created and accepted for ourselves.

The reality in which we have become conditioned to, is not the way that things are supposed to be.  We raise our children in a state of confusion, because we as adults are confused. We tell our children to respect others and those who do, but we see those who gamble with retirements (brilliant market strategists) and executives  who take advantage of their employees (good businessmen) living lavish lifestyles. We tell our kids to be loving and kind to animals, as we drink the milk of a stolen calf, and serve them up other murdered animals on their plates.

I believe that the world is going to be changing very soon once we start paying attention to what we are doing.  But we need to do a better job of paying attention collectively and start doing so very soon.

When you choose to start to pay attention, it is quite easy for everyone to see the consequences of our choices because with our age of technology- the truth is being shared.  Our problem, is that we have also built and accepted a society of distraction, and with distraction, we forget to ask questions. Not only that though, but we have also created incentives to lie.  This has been going on throughout civilizations history though as far as I can tell.

Individually, we are very ignorant, but collectively, we have great awareness (the collective consciousness-I know, ignorance and awareness goes the other way as well).  I heard the analogy that it takes 12 perspectives to get the Perfect Truth (12 hours, 12 disciples, etc). It is a comparison that made sense to me, because it’s hard to know the full consequences sometimes.  But with the sharing of information and perspectives through technology, and sharing various perspectives, the individual veils are being lifted.There is an old adage I remember that is true: The truth is out there, and the truth will set you free.  Ignorance can be forgivable, this is a vast universe, and it takes many perspectives to know the truth. However, we are brilliant beings, and have learned how to share knowledge easily. Ignorance becomes a choice when you choose not to ask questions.

Regardless of how crazy the world might get, or even appear to be, we have to recognize that it doesn’t need to be this way.  Science will even show that if we would quit lying to ourselves about diet and health, we could evolve as an entire species. The solution is simple once you can agree that it can be simple.

The key to heaven on earth, is right here, within us.  We are amazing sentient, and powerful eternal beings. Every single one of us has the capacity for unconditional love.  Every single one of us is capable of changing the world. We have been conditioned to believe that we can’t. The truth is we are even far greater than we could ever know.

I made a conscious choice earlier this year, to try to present the world Jack’s best version of Jesus, and have come a long way but I am continuing to improve.  Through my efforts and understandings, I have come to a new level of peace in my life. I imagine that I am starting to finally understand what he was trying to teach us.  As I got to see the representation of God that is within me and knowing that we are all the same, I also started to truly see the loving nature that is God that is within you.  As I started to take control of my conscious thoughts and actions in order to truly present my best version of Christ I got to know the truly loving and giving nature that is God.  I understand that the experience is the gift, and there is pleasure and love available in every moment- the gift called the present. We just have to remember to find the joys in every moment of the gift that has been given.  This is becoming more simple, but took choice and effort to start. Mindfulness and conscious thought is the key, and meditation helps you learn it.

Please don’t twist my words and say that I think that I am Christ, or that I believe that I am God.  While those things are true to some extent, I am just doing my best to present myself as man, though as the type of man that I believe that Jesus would have, or how God would want me to be.  The capability to do so is inside of all of us.

The other benefit to understanding that the experience of life itself is the true gift from whatever created us, is to know that there is but one purpose to exist, and that is to show the love and kindness that is our own individual reflection of the love that is God, and that is to make the world better for others.  To not spend our lives trying to affect change across the globe seems foolish to me now.

I sit here today all alone on Christmas Eve.  I have heard from no one in my life lately, but I am sure they have their reasons.  I have had a peace of knowing the last couple of days though that I just can’t explain.  Earlier this year at times of abandonment like this, I was so worried about my sanity, because through the year, I have had very little confirmation of my existence.  With the holidays near, it pulls at my brain as well. I understand to some degree, my USPS brothers and sisters with their busy schedules, even though I have been fighting for all of them all year with little support from those who knew.  The absence of anyone in my life who used to show me love and support though still has me bewildered and confused. I am excited to learn what adventures they might have had, and what beliefs they carry to explain what they think that I was doing.

Like I said before, I know that it’s a busy time of year, but there were even only a couple of simple thumbs up of my recent posts that I shared, telling of my efforts.  The amount of apathy or care of my efforts is disheartening, and the lack of validation from my old family has me questioning my sanity. I am not sure if I am actually still alive or not.  People I occasionally run into tell me that I am not, but if I am dead, I have gone to heaven. The only confirmation of my existence that I have received again today were a couple of screened and unanswered phone calls from bill collectors. I have no clue as to why things are the way that they are, but I have absolutely peace in the knowing that they are just how they should be.

I truly appreciate the efforts that all of you, especially at USPS make to accomplish the craziness of your days during this time of year, and I understand that because of the collective society that we have created together, I have been able to be at home (albeit in an AWOL status) spending my day as Jesus would have.  

My day of Christmas Eve is being spent like most of my days now, but even more so in light of the Christmas tradition.  I have been blessed beyond my imagination in order for me to be able to spend my day in worship of God with the understanding that I do, and in developing my own plans to change the human race.

I keep talking about my story.  I have been trying to write a book along my way, because the story itself  is too crazy not to tell! It’s titled: Make a Choice to Make a Change, the Jack Talcott Story of 2018.  I’m broke, and need some money, so I am trying to figure a way to profit as soon as possible. I don’t want to wait to write a book, so any help you can offer would be appreciated.

I started my path wanting to make a difference in my workplace through my Union.  Seeing the benefits of what that organization and my role provided, I started trying to make a bigger difference in my Union so that I could make better benefits in my workplace.  Later, during my recovery of alcohol abuse, I learned about more opportunities to give and saw some examples of people showing the truest compassion in service to others. I wanted to do more for the community through my Labor Council, and other volunteer opportunities.   About a year ago, I allowed myself the gift of forgiveness, and started a path of self-development like you wouldn’t believe. I started 2018 with the vision of affecting change as I improved myself, and I expanded my vision to the whole USPS, and I thought that was thinking big.  I have yet to start work on my ideas for USPS, but the work I’ve done on myself has been indescribable, and the lessons I have learned can be transforming. As a result of my work on myself, my new visions for 2019 include improving the world.

With the peace of mind and understanding that I have, and with a little collective and divine support, the next book we write will be our world history:  Make a Choice to Make a Change, the Planet Earth Story of 2019

Live Without Fear! Search for your Truth!

Namaste, God Bless~

Jack Talcott

15 23 XX XX XX XX XX

I debated posting my Mega Millions numbers again, because notwithstanding the value of the internal gifts of my personal understandings that I have already received, I am still waiting for a miracle that I can point to in order to try to convince you to listen to me.

I didn’t want repeatedly wrong lottery numbers used as evidence to ignore me or write me off as crazy.  However, as soon as someone looks, you will see that I had posted some lottery numbers on my previous blogs. I have been praying for a sign or a miracle to explain my life all year. The story that is my past gives you all the evidence that you need in order to not believe me, and I don’t need to add to the examples available to discredit me.   

Obviously there has been no miracle up until now for me to point to, or I would be writing a different story than being alone and broke on a Christmas Eve.  I am currently cut off from contact of those who used to show me love, completely unsure of my actual existence, but also wishing blessings and peace for those I used to know and that I still do love.  I am also penniless, besides the little cash that’s in my wallet, but with a confidence that I can still get a chance for my promotion at USPS (the legality concerns should be lifted, as long as I don’t scare them off with my current writings, but I am on my personal page, and not representing their organization, nor my own dissolving business).  But I am even more optimistic that someone will be willing to pay me to tell my crazy story now that I am finally trying to share it. My year has been an unbelievable story for me to tell, and I actually lived it.

I have no knowledge of the future, but I sit here with confidence, and with complete bliss and joy that comes from a deep knowing, and a much better understanding of our God that created us all.  With that understanding, it is also clear what every single one of our individual purposes are, and that is simply to make this world a better place.

I have decided that it makes no difference what you think of me, or what you think of my story, and originally posted the complete lotto number again.  However, in the end, I chose to only post part of the number, because if I am correct, I need to make some calls. In the end though, I know what I know, and you will choose to listen or you won’t, and life is nothing but choices.  

But if I am correct….I am fighting for the side of good, and his-story is written by the victor.  I plan on Good for all humanity being the victor, so let’s see how great this fucking story can be!! (Yes, I swear in person too.  I have been internally debating about how much I wish to change the behavior, but the signs have indicated that I am supposed to work on improving).  I am working to create the story of the ancestor I want remembered, so let’s make it memorable!

I kept hearing through the year that “the event” is coming that will help change our world.  One way or another, I now know that I am part of that event, and I hope you will join me too. The thought had come into my mind earlier this year (and also that I was late), but I have big plans in mind for us all, and there is hope for a beautiful future.  With the help of a Christmas miracle, and collectively, we can literally build a new world out of the old, and I already know of the right people to help us do it. Some of them just don’t know it yet, and some of them just haven’t met me yet.  

Knowledge (and until I get you to understand differently, money) is power, and I have been blessed with knowledge.  To give power to a man like me who refuses to sit down for injustices, means that the world will never be the same. Perhaps, with divine support, and together as a collective, this day of celebration for Christmas Day, will also be the Christening of a beautiful new world!  Wish us all luck!

In celebration of Jesus Christ and for all the other masters who have tried to teach us over time, and in the spirit of love for that which created us all, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  Peace for all of us, and a Happy New Year!


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