2 Years Ago

I was sharing with my friend today this observation:  Two years ago, I was scared as hell, wondering how I could possibly make it through a Christmas without a drink (let alone a New Year right behind it).  Today in 2018, I welcome Christmas day for the celebration of what it means to exist, and I am trying everything that I can think of now, order to bring forward a new Earth.

It was May of 2016 that my mother drove me to detox so I could check in for some help with my drinking.  I was so bad at the end of it that I couldn’t even hold a glass to my mouth at the end of a work day. I’d have to use a straw or sip the whiskey down from the back of my trunk; there was a glass full of whiskey kept in the freezer of my Beer Fridge in the garage so I could back the car in, close the garage door and no one could see, and I’d sip my whiskey down until the shakes calmed enough that I could hold a glass.  I know that work had noticed how poorly my writing had gotten with the daily shakes from withdrawal I received every afternoon..

After some deep internal work starting in the rooms of AA, and after carrying that work out beyond, I stand here today with a much better knowledge of that which created us, who I am, and why each of us are here to become.

I started down a path of self development which has led me to a new level of awareness of how things are in this world.  Nothing that I once believed is as it seemed. We have become confused, (most of all about how great each of us truly are, and about how we look at money), but we all have the ability to fix things.

I realized early that in order to live without fear, and have a true understanding of God, I would need to increase my awareness (knowledge) of all things.  Knowledge brings truth and light, and with knowledge, truth and light fears can be eliminated. We live in a beautiful age, where information is available at our fingertips.  We no longer need to rely upon the journalism that is run solely for profits and is bound to the shareholders for influence, and we don’t have to check library after library for copies of books

As humans, it often takes us a while to see the damages and consequences of our choices; especially when we lie to each other in order to ensure profits.  The great thing about now, is that we have the ability to share our different knowledges, perspectives, and our own levels of awareness to be used for the collective good.  The downside, is that there is a lot of information out there. Keep your mind open, and listen to everyone. You will be truly amazed at what you can learn.

The second key to living without fear, having more faith, and being able to share the greatest spark that is You, is the conscious effort that is required for it.  It really is simple once you can develop the habits, however, focusing on only the present takes effort at first.

Meditation is a key, and I’m sure if I haven’t yet here, I will get some meditation tips out soon.  While I suggest you spend as much time as possible considering how vastly incredible this existence, and in turn our creator has been shown to be, I also suggest you spend some time in meditation considering what it actually means to be You.  Who are you? Who are you not? What is holding you back from being the best version of You?

One of the things that I recognized in order to be in control of my fears of failure is the recognition that our entire lifetime is less than a speck of time n the billions of years of history, on a planet that is nothing more than a speck in our vast universe, yet everything that we do today, will also leave an imprint on this world forever.  In understanding that, I also recognized that I am much more than just this bag of meat and flesh, I am also an eternal spirit. Being an eternal spirit means that everything I see and think today, is nothing more than the results of billions of years of evolution. Everything that I also see and feel is also just a collection of billions of years of effects and conditions as well,  I am the same as everything else, and we are all nothing more than experiences. Therefore, if I can accept that the only purpose of being here is to experience life, and to present my best version of what I am (God/universal love), then there is only one way for me to live- In service of others with a faith that only true love exists.

When you consider our existence- our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings create our experience, and our experience is our reality.  You can close your eyes, and if you focus, you can feel pain or pleasure, or even taste a lemon- just with the power of your mind. With effort, you can program your mind to respond with physical pleasure throughout your day.  I think I am just starting to figure this one out, but it feels amazing so far. You can literally change your reality with the simple method of controlling your thoughts.

We have been fooled into believing we are anything less than powerful.  Each of us is here for the same purpose, and that is to discover the brightest spark of individual light that we are, and work on improving ourselves as we start shining our light onto the world for those around us as well.

Live Without Fear!  Search for Your Truth!

Namaste, and God Bless~

Jack Talcott

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