Simple and Immediate solutions

Until every American has free access to food, shelter, clean water, education and healthcare, our national defense spending is worthless and insane.  We are creating laws supporting inequality, and building walls for our own prison while starting wars with other human beings.  

It is time for us to change and we know it.  Change can be scary, but this can be simple.

What if instead of ammunition and soldiers, we spend our tax dollars to pay our citizens fairly for building and providing homes, cleaning up our environment, and farming our agriculture?  What if we eliminated the need for jobs and money while ensuring Democracy in our workplace? Wouldn’t that eliminate the control from an employer? What if we shared knowledge and labor to create only value, and we eliminated a need for profits?  A fair exchange of value is what America should be about.

We could require that every employer immediately negotiate with their employees.  Together, as citizens, we create only the jobs that create value, instead of those only required by regulation or only profits.  

We can quit selling ourselves crap that only makes us fat and sick, but profits for someone creative.  Our citizens can speak up about the credibility of their science. Our businesses can take responsibility for repairing the environments they put our citizens and workers in.  The workers would know best what we have done, even if it was “legal”, so they should have a voice in how the repairs are made, and we have done a lot of damage. Together, the responsibility and profits could be shared fairly with an equal representation of all citizens in their own workplace and communities. We could educate and support our citizens to release them from prisons and pay them living wages to help clean and rebuild.

It only seems fair to me, and I don’t know why we haven’t figured it out before.  We call ourselves a Democracy, but deny ourselves the same thing at work…with other citizens.  It is just absurd.

We could work together to eliminate the need for most jobs in America using automation and technology.  We even have some citizens who can easily fund these ideas, not to mention the powerful and wealthy global connections that our President has established during his term of office.  

We could change the world right now, so why should we not try?  We are Americans, and we can figure it out!

We could work where we choose, learn what we want, explore what is available, and share the abundance of agriculture our Nation could produce with our neighboring countries as well.  It only takes cooperation with fellow citizens as employers and our government.

We could leave home to help other countries build and develop, as our own children with free access to knowledge, create new inventions and ideas we can share as well.

The solution is simple, and should have been done long ago.  We have tricked ourselves into becoming obedient, and we need to start paying attention.  As a Nation, we should take an honest look at what is going on, and ask some questions. We need to support and protect the people who are speaking up, and electing those who want to change.  

We need Peace and community, we don’t need borders or jobs.

Namaste, and God bless!

Live Without Fear™

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