A Short Post — for Once

We humans learn from observation and experience; first-hand, or through communication.

I would like to communicate some observations that I have made and some solutions to many problems.

We live in a “free” society in which we attempt to legislate Fairness.  

Our laws exist for a purpose, and they are intended for Fairness in our “free” society.  Governments create laws. Workers attempt to negotiate contracts of Fairness through Unions, and then try to enforce fairness in our workplaces.  We have entire government agencies that try to regulate and enforce fairness in our country.

Why?  Has this been working?

In a world where Fairness is regulated and enforced, all oppressors must do is ask, “What does the law say that I can do?” and then they do it.

If we are going to live in a society which relies upon legislating fairness, this is going to be the same solution for workers and for our true reform.  We have come a long way in our society. We have created a lot of rules and laws to enforce fairness, and it is time for us to put our freedom to work.  

As workers we need to unite together, but individually, asking:  “What does the law say that I can do?”  and then DO IT!!!

What is best for our communities?  What rights do I have? What can I refuse to do?  To whom can I report what I believe to be wrong? Who can investigate and address employer abuse?  Who can investigate and enforce environmental damages?  

Executives might make the decisions, but employees create the chemicals, products and even facilities.  But let’s remember that we also buy the products, services and structures that we all create.

We can change this world when we start working together.  We can unite when employers and employees take responsibility for the actions of themselves.  Until employers agree, we have lots of rights as workers that need to be used for standing up to employers who make obviously damaging decisions. 

We all need to know what the laws and regulations say regarding the work that we do.  Then we need to exercise our rights and start affecting the direction of our employers.   We also need to unite together to protect whistleblowers and journalists who risk their lives and their careers to expose corruption and lies.

As more workers have a say in the direction of their employer, more moral choices will be made.

As a worker and citizen find out what the law says that you can do…and then DO IT!

Namaste, and God bless~

Jack Talcott

Live Without Fear

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