I had a discussion with a friend, and then subsequently with my son this morning, regarding feelings.  (I just realized:  that poor kid has to put up with my thoughts all the time he’s around me now.  It’s a good thing for him, probably, that he gets a break from me once in a while.) At any rate, I believed it was a thought provoking discussion, and then I decided that I would take a moment to share my views on the subject.

The following is a condensed version of my belief and/or thoughts on feelings. Agree, or disagree if you like, but as always, if your mind wanders, please feel free to follow that thought. Just try to come back to my thoughts when you are finished.

Feelings are an important part of life. I think they are an important part of our reason for living or existing.

When you stop and think about what an amazing thing that feelings are, it’s quite incredible.

Think about how amazing heartache is. First think about how horrible it feels. Now take a moment to realize that we can actually feel that discomfort without any visible, external, physical explanation.

Then, let us think about what an amazing feeling that love is! Think about how incredible that feeling is! When we give it; when we receive it! You know what I mean! Take a moment to consider how your body feels (or felt), when  associated with other feelings. Try it for yourself. Think about several feelings separately: jealousy, longing, anticipation, etc. Pay attention to the way you feel when you think about them.

When we can appreciate feelings for the incredible gift that they are (and you decide: from God, the universe, the source, coincidence, etc.), we can accept them. I believe that feelings are just that: Feelings are a gift that should be accepted, and appreciated.

When we can accept that negative feelings are simply the gift that they are, we can start to see another side of them. When we can see another side of things, we can see things with new knowledge, we can start to appreciate them. When we can appreciate things, we no longer feel a need to hold on to them. When we no longer feel a need to try to hold onto things, we can let them go.

When we can let things go, we can start living positive now, and then ~ Life is a beautiful thing!

Live Without Fear! Search for the Truth! Living Positive Now ~ The keys to happiness, my friends!

God bless ~  Jack Talcott



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