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I realize that my website message is not always extremely clear. That is the reason for this blog.

I am venturing into a new path of my life, and that probably appears awfully strange to many who know me. I have actually heard people close to me say that they worry for me. Some have even told me that they think I’m crazy.

I’m not offended. I know they say those things out of love. They fear what is happening, but I know there is love behind their fear.

For those who do know me, please don’t be concerned.

Most people who know me are only getting brief glimpses and flashes of the changes that I am going through in my evolution of mind, body and spirit each day. I suspect that for them, it has been like watching a carousel spinning in a strobe light; they see the changes, but only in the moments I enter into their lives. As for myself, I’ve been truly enjoying the ride!!!

There are no others who have been with me day by day, as I have made my own discoveries within myself. Good or bad, I have enjoyed my discoveries with no one around to share them with. The majority of people who are currently in my life haven’t yet had, or else haven’t taken, an opportunity to try and listen.

That is ok. We are all on our own individual journey.

Again, and this is directed to those who do know me. Please try to think about and remember the man that you used to know. Did you truly believe me to be a fool? Did you truly believe me to be insane? If that is the case, then you have your evidence, and you are correct. If you believed me to be a genuine, thoughtful and considerate man….perhaps give me a little credibility?

Now, back to my message for everyone; back to the purpose of my website.

I believe that I have found the answers to true happiness within myself. As with everything in life, experience gives each of us the benefit of — the perspective of –hindsight.

With this newfound perspective, I can see clearly the mistakes that I was making and the reasons that I was not happy. Another way of saying the same thing is that hindsight (or a new perspective) gives me different knowledge. When we have different knowledge, we can listen for different things and in a slightly different way.

My hope is to help others to find their own happiness inside of themselves. That is what my website is about. That is the purpose of my blogs. I believe that my experience has helped to develop my communication and my writing abilities. That is why I have this website. To try and help others.

My experience has led me to a pretty decent ability to listen and to understand what other people’s views and feelings are. I believe that I do pretty well in empathizing with others. As a result, I considered exploring mediation (for those who know me professionally, perhaps you could understand).

I decided that my experiences in life, combined with a newfound perspective, should allow me to facilitate the learning for others, as they search for the answers within themselves.

My desire is to change the world! I intend to start with one person at a time as a life coach, but it will grow into more from there.

I didn’t realize how many things were necessary to learn in starting this journey, but I think I am only starting to understand how little I really knew.

I am currently trying to learn about creating those little images in the internet tabs (up above), how to see how many visitors come to my site, how to incorporate social media into my site, how to better develop and manage a website, etc. It’s amazing to find out how little I had actually considered, or more so, how little I actually knew.

My website is like me. It is a work in progress. I believe that we can all relate to that statement. I also realize that my mistakes are now public on the internet, so please be patient with me and the work that I am doing before you are too quick to pass judgement.

I am excited to continue this journey. I won’t lie. I am also trying to figure out how to live a comfortable life while helping others. I know that I myself would have paid a few bucks for happiness if I thought the chance was there. My hope is there are others who feel like I used to, and maybe I can find some folks who will trust me to let me help them find their own, better version of happiness.

Until such time, as I learn how to get a return on my investments, I will continue to produce my written views on the world. I think they’re important.

Please keep checking back for new improvements and possibly a few mistakes along the way! I will try to keep the writing coming. Let’s stimulate our minds together!!

Live Without Fear! Search for the Truth! Living Positive Now!! ~ The secrets to a happy life!!

God bless ~ Jack Talcott



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