I realize that I haven’t blogged or updated jacktalcott.com in a while. I apologize to anyone who might be paying attention. But as I said previously, and it remains to be true today: I really don’t know how a blog is supposed to work anyway. Does anyone?

My life has been exciting, and I will write about that soon as well. However, because my energy has been focused elsewhere, my writing and website have taken a second seat for a short time.

However, this morning I was inspired to write about Happiness, and so let’s see what comes out:

Happiness is a truly wonderful emotion. But I challenge you to think about it a little deeper. I think happiness is more than just an emotion, I think it is an indicator of our true state of being.

A wise friend of mine told me over the weekend, “Happiness is a sense of well-being.”

That statement struck me as profound, so I wrote it down to think on it a little deeper. After some consideration, I actually think the explanation is even deeper than that. I think happiness is a sign or symptom of a state of well-being.

I can’t recall at the moment if I have written on my views of Love and life in this forum. If you have spoken to me at all for even a few moments about my beliefs, I’m sure that I have more than willingly shared them.

The short version is that I truly believe that our one and only pure, natural and intended state of being and existence is as a form of LOVE. Knowing that little information about my beliefs might help my explanation make a little more sense.

Since I think that, our one true, core nature of existence is to be one of love. When we are in our true natural state of being, when our hearts and minds are filled with love, we feel happiness and joy.

I think that my wise friend Tom was right — to some degree. He called happiness a sense of well-being, I think it might be more accurately described as a product, or a symptom, or a sign,or an indicator even. (Aren’t words interesting?)

I think that when we are able to live in our one true, natural, (maybe even intended) state of being — one of love and acceptance of ourselves and those around us — that’s when we feel true happiness.

If we are not happy, no matter where we are, or who we are with, then we need to look inside of ourselves and ask why?

We each make hundreds or more choices throughout each day. These choices include not only the obvious ones to get us through each day like what and when (often where) to eat, which route to go to get our errands done, should I go to the gym or not, etc. But we also make choices on how we look at ourselves and the things around us. Think about how often we judge things, how we want things to be different, how we want people to be different, etc. We actually even make choices (albeit sometimes subconsciously) about how we feel based upon those judgments.

This practice of non-judgment can be extremely difficult to put into place. I am finding particular difficulties with practicing non-judgment with those I love the most, particularly when I KNOW that they can do better than they think they can. Nonetheless, while I recognize that I still have a LOT of work to do on that subject within myself first, I still hope to be able to come back and write more about the topic of acceptance soon.

When we can figure out inside why it is that we are not happy, then we can better understand what our fear is. When we can face our fear, we can return to a natural state of love. When we return to a state of love, then happiness comes through, and that’s a beautiful feeling, my friends!!!

Everything that we need to know is already within us!!

Live without Fear! Search for the Truth! Living Positive Now!! ~ These are the keys to happiness my friends!!

God bless ~ Jack Talcott

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