Let’s Fix Things

Our Nation has far too many homeless within our own borders, and many who are still proud Veterans. 

We continue to fund the cheapest education systems that “we” can afford in order to save money, yet we are continuing to overspend on the “defense of our borders” for those homeless with both our finances and morals, in ways that far exceed what we can afford.

If we “all know” the power of education, why do we still charge each other’s children so much money for higher knowledge?

With the technology available today, why is education still so expensive?

Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of our nation to have a nation of highly educated people?

Why is it only important that people “have a job”?  Shouldn’t it matter what type of job it is?

Why do we have jobs that defend and cover up crimes against our planet and each other?

Why do jobs exist that create nothing more than profit?  Does profit mean value?

Why should a man or woman be expected to commit time to an employer that could otherwise be spent educating, creating, helping themselves or others, when they can’t make a living wage in exchange?

Why do we continue to put profits above our planet or each other?

Why do we sell each other products that we know are bad for us, or that likely hurt our planet by its creation or its eventual destination?

Do we believe these things, because these were the things we were taught?

Did we learn these things in the cheapest education system we could afford and from the most profitable media industries supported by some awfully wealthy churches?

I haven’t blogged in a while, but was inspired by thought today from the comparison of “homeless to defense spending” that I read on a friend’s post.  Hopefully the answers you come to piss you off as much as it did me.  Once we see these things though, we can fix them.

Luckily, there are already a lot of groups and organizations out there that are working towards fixing some of these things.  Personally, I think I recently discovered a new “home” and am a proud member of Veterans For Peace veteransforpeace.org . (As with all my other memberships, I am only a member, and not a representative)

This is an incredible organization of inspiring heroes who are standing together again for Peace.  It has apparently been around for almost 35 years (1985 if I remember correctly), yet I only realized I had discovered them this spring.

I urge anyone who believes themselves to be patriots of our nation, to reach out to your local chapter or the website above and ask how you can be of service towards them.

Peace comes through Peace.  

We have been shown in our capitalistic system that money means power.  Why do we continue to believe that helping each other is wrong? Why would power not be distributed equally with the people?  Why do we fight to protect the rights of power being limited to only a few? 

The spending priorities of our Nation are completely out of whack.  What the hell are we doing?

We can shut down the power of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) when we as citizens stop consenting to war.

We stop consenting to war when we stop paying our children to go to war.  

If our leaders can’t resolve conflict without war they need to get the hell out of our way.  War MUST STOP being an option for our elected officials to use!

How many shelters could have been provided for our citizens instead of paying for the missile testing our military is doing right now?  Missile testing, which is provoking other nations to feel defensive as well.

How many hours are you going to work this year to send your neighbor’s son or daughter on a ship or plane to go take the lives of another?  How many hours did you work to test that missile?

This brutality is not the Nation that I raised my own hand to serve, but I was a product of our society, and I raised my own hand with honor.

We will have Peace when there is equality.  The economic disparity I see in every community is a very clear indication of inequality.  We as a Nation can and should do better.

I may have already written too long for some, but will go ahead and cut it off here.  

When we stop Fearing our neighbors, we stop building defenses.  We can stop building defenses when we become good neighbors. In our own communities, we have often forgotten how to be good neighbors, and as those from long ago left behind: Everything starts within.  

Namaste and God bless~

Jack Talcott

Live Without Fear!

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