Unconditional  Love

This morning while in my own version of meditation,  I was considering unconditional love. If you have read my other writing, you will know that love is quite often on my mind. You see it is the absolute major component of happiness.

Over the recent past, I’ve been really getting to know myself — not just mind, soul, but also body.

I’ve been teaching myself massage and acupressure along with the active skills of yoga and meditation.

During this time of meditation, I’ve really started thinking about how my body has show me unconditional love. How I’ve fed it foods of no nutritional value. I’ve kept it up late, made it rise early. I’ve poured gallons and gallons and gallons of alcohol down my throat…but my body never gave up. My body never stopped on me. That is unconditional love.

I also thought about the unconditional love of our planet.  We dig in it. We force gases and fluids deep inside of it. We pump resources out of it. We farm it. We clear it. We change it for our will and our pleasure. Yet it continues to provide us life and sustain us. That is unconditional love.

So given the way that my body has shown me unconditional love, and the planet has shown unconditional love, how have I shown my love back?

Live without fear. Search for the truth.

Namaste and God Bless.


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