Finding Joy in the Moment

We hear from the great spiritual teachers, the wisest people in our history, those who have been recorded, these messages: find joy in the moment, appreciate what you have, live each day with gratitude.

But how do we do that? It’s easier said than done. Everything I say here is all stuff we’ve heard before. I say nothing new. I just hope to say it in a way that convinces your mind of a way to accept, as mine finally has.

How to find joy in the moment. Some of the tips I’m finding, the mantra I try to carry in my head each day, is to allow the pain of the past and the fear of the future to collapse away into the eternity which is right now. If I can find a way to find joy in this moment… and then this moment… and then this moment, that’s all that matters. That’s what our creator, the universe, the higher spirit — that’s what we have. That’s what’s been given to us. So if we can accept that our purpose is, and try to find, joy in each moment that’s the first step.

So how do we do that? My easiest methods have become the following. Again, it’s stuff we’ve heard all of our lives. Get in touch with your mind, body and spirit. But what does that mean?

Well, for my mind, I love learning. I find new and interesting things to learn. As I’m learning, I’m enjoying every moment of the process.  That’s because it’s stuff I want to know.

As far as my body,  this is the secret I’m sharing, my friends. I haven’t looked it up yet, and I haven’t talked to a yogi or a yoga instructor, but to me all that yoga is is getting in touch with your body, connecting your mind to your body. So I stretch deeply, and as I stretch I focus my mind on my muscles.

And now my new secret:  start to incorporate massage with your stretch. You will find tensions you didn’t know exist. You will find pains you didn’t even know you were carrying. Love your muscles. Love your mind. And it will absolutely improve your soul.

As I enjoyed the moment through massage as I often do, the thought occurred to me to really enjoy the release that I feel in my muscles during massage, to really enjoy the now in that release. It means I have to accept the past that caused the tension, appreciate the past as ugly and as rough as it’s been, because it’s been the past that brought me to this moment right here, where I can enjoy the release and feel the pleasure. Even beyond that to where I can now share my thoughts and my words, my friends.

Just some more thoughts from my head to yours.

Live without fear, my friends!

God Bless You and Namaste!

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