Focus and Creativity

The other morning as I was pondering the topics of success and society, the thought occurred to me the keys to problem solving are focus and creativity.

The enemy of focus and creativity is distraction. Our society certainly has a lot of problems. But our society has more distractions.

Whether it is by design or by accident who profits, who tends to gain from the things that we call problems. There are lots of things in our society today that are problems for many of us, but for others are benefits.

Then the question is: who is it that profits from the situation that causes problems for the majority of us, but is positive for a few. Do they have any hand in the distractions? Distractions in this context are all of the divisions that we have created in our minds.

Look at our media and that’s all it is. Reasons to be different. When we have identified reasons to be different, we can then focus on the difference and its distractions. I’m referring to the divisions such as Republican or Democrat, white or black, Muslim or Christian, gay or straight, man or woman, all of those distractions.

As long as we are paying attention to the distractions we are not applying focus or creativity towards the problem solving that so desperately needs to be done.

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