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While it was therapeutic for me to write yesterday to try and finally get some of my story out, I understand that its length might have outweighed my purpose.  For that, here is who I am, and my purpose for trying to share my story, as well as the assistance I am asking you to provide in the short form.

I’ve been a USPS (United States Postal Service) Clerk for almost 20 years, an APWU (American Postal Workers Union) Steward and officer for 14 ½ years, arbitration advocate, started the year as an Executive Board member of our local SRLC Labor Council.  In my past, while I spent a decade in the bottom of beer and whiskey bottles, and only sober as of May of 2016, I think that I still did ok as a human. I as generally most others considered myself to be a pretty stand up guy who lived to serve others.  I was often seen supporting labor functions, meeting with others on my own time. I was a man who people would come to when they have had a problem. I used to instruct and coach stewards and officers on negotiations, investigations, and writing well rounded cases.  It was actually from a Union training by Dr. Bill Fletcher and the WSLC (Washington State Labor Council)  that really fired me up and brought me here to day (in the good ways).

I need help today.

My life has been insane from my perspective.  I’m sure that everyone had their reasons. The reasons aren’t important, the result always is.  I have always lived a life in service of others, but I now know it was for the wrong reasons.

I have “lost everything”, but I have made a resolve to change the world, and now I am asking for some help.

In March I invited myself the offices of some very nice men in Washington DC who were willing to listen to me and my suggestions to try to improve USPS workplace environment.  I felt I was applying for a promotion to Headquarters Employee Engagement Team, but with it, bringing a new approach from Mindfulness and Awareness; the attorneys viewed otherwise for no reason other than I “owned a business”.

At that time, I also didn’t realize that what I was offering to bring had so many more benefits, and that mindfulness truly is the key to happiness.  Mindfulness saved my life, as well as helped to change my faith, and then my life.  As you begin to see the greatness I have found in me, you will see affects it will have in others.  I want to help others find the greatness in themselves, so we can go forward together making this place better for everyone.  Paying attention to thoughts, is also the truest way to coming to know the one who created us- whatever name you choose to identify it with.

As a result of things from and after that meeting, common sense has yet to prevail, in many areas from my view, and I have “lost everything”.  The one block the attorneys had was the fact that I “owned a business”, so I have spoken to a bankruptcy attorney and have agreed as a result to dissolve my business.  I am getting the feeling that people now just want to shove the whole event under the rug. I am asking for some help to bring light to the ridiculousness that this has been.  I am asking for some support for the POTENTIAL help that I believe that I can bring.

My longer story tells why.  However, I am truly vowed now more than ever to do what I can to change the world.  I am only trying to start here at USPS as one step towards that goal. I have chosen to walk in the light of creative altruism, and I suggest you try to come beside me.  We can make this world a better place. I don’t plan to stop until I die.

I am asking for another chance to speak with decision makers at USPS with the assurance that I won’t be considered a criminal.  I believe I can make a difference starting here. If you can help achieve that opportunity, or know someone who might be able to, please do so.

I think my life has become one story that is too crazy not to be told.  Something this rare has to be worth something to somebody, and then add to that the crazy steps a guy like this might try to take in the future to change the world…priceless!  I have ideas to get a story produced and then marketed. I need some money and help to even get that started. I am open to any suggestions and offerings at this point.

I am holding off my plans for peaceful revolutions until I get a chance to calm things down with USPS.  They’ve been jumpy enough already with the law stuff, so please don’t also get excited from the word revolution. And stop picturing musketeers and folks with guns, I’m tired of having counselors contact me.  That’s the old way. We’ve been shown by Ghandi and MLK Jr how to revolt peacefully.

That said, I have been inspired, and I look forward to the next part of my journey.  This world is going to improve, and I will be part of creating it. I just need some help until we start to fix the craziness that we have allowed.  Once we start to fix things, then people can be valued off the content of their character rather than what they can earn.  A man with purpose and drive to be of service of others should not have to worry about how to put food on his table or how to keep from losing his home.  We have built a society the wrong way.

We can work towards a better tomorrow, and it all starts by improving ourselves.  I believe that I understand how to help people understand how to become better people.  Let’s see what we can do together.  If you can think of a way to help, or you might know someone who can, please find a way.  I have ideas, plans and tools in place, and I am ready to change the world (but have dissolved my business until given another chance at USPS), but I’m just looking for a little support behind me.  I haven’t stopped trying yet, but I’m sure that together, we can make this a better world to live in.

Live Without Fear, Search for your Truth!

Namaste, and God Bless ~

Jack Talcott

05 16 33 37 69 01

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