Living by Accident or With Purpose

Life is about learning and growing. As we live life, we can live life with purpose or by floating through by happenstance and by accident.  Life is going to happen. Every single day. Every day you wake up another day will happen. There’s no stopping it.

So, you have to ask yourself: Am I going to float through life or learn the lessons that will be brought my way. Sometimes we just float along and bump into these lessons over and over and over.

For me, drinking and anger was my way of floating along. It took me years to finally put down my anger and years before I understood it was ok to do so. It took me years to learn that lesson. I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t trying to learn. I wasn’t looking at the patterns of life.

So you can make a choice. You can float along or learn the lessons that are brought to you.  You can make your life a purpose. Move forward in the direction that you desire, welcoming these lessons because you know the lessons are going to make you stronger and wiser. You know they will make you into a better human being.

At least then, as the lessons arise, you are moving in the direction of your goals and your dream. If you’re just floating along, you may have no direction.

We can either live our life by accident or with purpose. The choice is ours to make. Which do you choose to do?

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