I honestly didn’t expect to be doing a blog again so soon, but like I had said yesterday (for those who were able to see it), this website and process and I are a work in progress. Aren’t we all?

I actually intended to wait a little longer, but it seems the Universe wants me to practice working on my writing skills. Which makes sense. I have started writing with some passion again as well.

I’m not sure what the finished product will end up to be; maybe a book, maybe a blog, or even a series of blogs, or maybe another fading rant into the Facebook nothingness that seems to pop up every few years or so. Who knows?

I posted my first ever blog last night after watching an inspiring speaker by the name of Bill Fletcher Jr. Please look him up.

I made some changes over the phone today regarding the brand of web editing tools I was using. They did warn me, and it looks like some of my content updates are gone.

It’s a little disappointing and frustrating, sure. But getting upset doesn’t change it. Fearing the work that will be necessary to try to recover/recreate the work that was already done doesn’t help it get done.

All that can be done is acceptance.

That is one of the beautiful things I am finding: As I learn more about me, I get more comfortable with living in the now (we’ve all heard that term), and as I live more in the moment, the past and future aren’t nearly as concerning.

Sure, I’ll need to search around to see if I was actually smart enough to save a copy of the work that I was so proud to produce last night, but I learned a lesson from that mistake. I’m typing tonight on a file to be saved on my flash drive, rather than rely upon the internet which I understand even less.  (if anything, I make myself laugh)

That’s a lesson I want to share, my friends: When we can look at the upsetting things in our lives and try to find the lesson that we learned from it,  well, then it sure seems to be a lot less upsetting.

Please, try it yourself. I only write these things because I want you to think about you! Not me!

Live Without Fear! Search for the Truth! Living Positive Now!! – the secrets to happiness.

God bless ~ Jack Talcott



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